The Travels of True Godliness = 敬虔脚踪行

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作者:Benjamin ; Keach[原作] ; 苏活中英文编辑所[编辑]

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A metaphor in which True Godliness attempts to win various characters in his way.

  • The Travels of True Godliness(第1页)
  • Chapter 1 True Godliness described.(第3页)
  • Chapter 2 Origin and Antiquity of True Godliness(第4页)
  • Chapter 3 The chief Enemies of Godliness(第5页)
  • Chapter 4 New Chapter(第6页)
  • Chapter 5 Godliness, in his Travels, came to a Cottage where dwelt Poverty, with whom he earnestly desired to make his Abode, but was denied.(第7页)
  • Chapter 6 Godliness applies to Youth, who pleads various Excuses, and at last utterly declines receiving him at present.(第8页)
  • Chapter 7 Godliness at the Door of Old-Age ; the Reasons why he refused to entertain him.(第9页)
  • Chapter 8 True Godliness, after this, travelled towards the city Jerusalem, near to which was a small village called Religion, in which dwelt Mr. Legalist, at whose door he knocked. The cause why he did not entertain him.(第10页)
  • Chapter 9 Godliness encounters a Man of strange Countenance, whom it appears was an Antinomian.(第11页)
  • Chapter 10 Godliness came to Mr. Formalist's door, who bid him very welcome; but he suspecting his integrity, and that he harboured divers grand enemies of his, particularly one Hypocrisy, hesitated to go in. Holy Hypocrisy came to be discovered. Formalist at last refused to entertain True Godliness.(第12页)
  • Chapter 11 Godliness, travelling farther into the town called Religion, saw many people who had been great professors, retiring from the town as fast as they could. In the discourse he had with one of them, the nature and danger of Apostasy is described.(第13页)
  • Chapter 12 Godliness, coming to Thoughtful's house, found there his friend Consideration, whom he had a long time sought for. The great opposition Consideration met with.(第14页)
  • Chapter 13 Thoughtful, though he had embraced Consideration, and was resolved to receive Godliness into his house, is hindered by Old-Man, Wilfull-Will, Carnal-Affections, and Apollyon. He is aided by Laborious, but had not prevailed, had it not been for another, who came in to his assistance.(第15页)
  • Chapter 14 Thoughtful meets with Contentment, and finding now nothing wanting in order to the making of his Life sweet and comfortable, sung Hallelujahs, Hymns of Praise and Thanksgiving to God and the Lamb.(第16页)